Healing is the Children’s Bread

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 1st Dec., 2010

“And the word of the Lord came to me saying; ‘”ndeed healing is the children’s bread.” For is it not written that “Behold, I and the children that the Lord has given me are for signs and wonders in Israel? Yes!” saith the Lord, “this is the day which I will display healing through the hearts, and the words and the hands of children. Yes! You will see cancers healed, you will see incurable diseases melt at the hands of children as they speak forth My word, and as they lay hands on the sick, and as they bring forth deliverance; for in mount Zion shall there be healing and deliverance. And even as the children of Zion arise in this day, they will march through the land, with healing, with deliverance. Yes! With the word of the Lord! And people shall be amazed and say, “Are these not children? Are these not children?” And then shall come to pass that which has been written and that which has been said by the prophets; that the children are for signs and wonders.”

“Therefore, arise! Arise! Arise and shine! Take hold of the light of the revelation of My word. Walk in the truth, take heed unto My word, attend to My word, and keep them in the midst of thy heart. They shall not only be medicine to your flesh, they shall be medicine to anybody who touches your flesh,” saith the Spirit. “And healing virtue shall flow forth and healing and deliverance from incurable diseases, internal and external, will be as common, will be as common as tongues is now” saith the Spirit.

“For this is the day of My glory, this is the day of My power and it shall come to pass that which is written that that which is feeble among them shall be like David and house of David shall be as God. Therefore, Arise! Take hold of healing, not only for thyself but for the saving health of the nations, saith the Lord.”