God’s Rule in Nigeria
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 6th of September 2005.

 Do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be worried or be dismayed at the things that are happening even in the land. For I am the God that rules in the affairs of men and I am ruling in this land with a strong hand and a powerful arm – even the arm of My intercessors and the arms of My worshippers that call upon Me from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.

So I will have thee to stay strong in Me and in the power of My might, yea, to continue to release the word of strength out of Zion to rule in the midst of My enemies even in this land. The enemy of the flesh, the enemy of the carnal mind and the prince of the power in the air.

Yea I will have thee to continue to occupy the air by effectual, fervent, consistent and diligent prayer in the Spirit, walk in the Spirit and the walk in love. For as you continue to do this, even so shall My power and glory continue to unfold in the nation. You will see My mighty hand rule in the affairs of men; for I will do things that will make the ears of men that hear it tingle. Things in the leadership, things in the presidency, things concerning resource control, things concerning the economy, things that will make this land truly a land of wonder, and men shall look from afar and they shall behold that which I do in the land. So, stay in your place and continue to put Me into remembrance until the righteousness of this land shines forth even as lamp. Yea continue to seek My face diligently in the word, diligently in love, diligently in intercession, diligently in prayers and as you do this, yes, My strong hand that is already upon the land will even grow stronger and My rule that is already in the land will be even made more manifest and no longer shall it be by remote control but it shall be by direct control, for you will speak and I will perform instantly.


Yea, your word will be as it were the word of a spiritual king and your word will be with power and as you speak and as you declare righteous decrees they will be instantly done, saith the Spirit. Yea, I will watch over your word to perform it and I will not allow any of your words to drop to the ground.  Stay before Me, stay before Me, stay before Me in prayer, stay before Me in love and all that I have spoken concerning the land will unfold in this hour, for I am the God that rules in the affairs of men and it shall be well in the land.