Fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles
Prophecy by Olubi Johnson given on 3rd September 2002

The Move of God and the Outpouring of the Spirit


For thus saith the Lord, unto the virgin daughter of Zion. Yea, the virgin daughter of Zion that dwelleth in the land that rivers divide, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. For thus saith your God, for I move, I move in great power and Glory; even in this time to fulfill My word, even the fulfillment of the outpouring of the spirit in the feast of tabernacles. To pour out My Spirit unprecedented and without measure as has never been seen upon the face of the earth. For I will move in judgment and so shall the trumpet be sounded forth from the body, and they shall hear My voice, and they shall hearken unto Me.


For many, many, many will turn and will repent of their wicked ways when they see how I smite the wicked with the sword of My Spirit. Even with the sword of the mouth of My prophets will I slay and hew down those that have done wickedness. For of the house of Saul shall three shepherds be struck down even in one month, and the sorrow that shall come shall break the hearts and break up the fallow ground and people shall receive the rain of My word and thus shall I reign even in My church and as I reign in My church I will bring soundness and I will bring healing unto the land. So that there will be no complaining in your streets, that your oxen will be strong forth to labour.


Yes! And this nation will be a nation whose people will be a people that are called by My name. For My Name and My Glory and My character shall reign in this land; but it shall begin and it will start from My church, even as I move in trumpets and as I move in atonement and as I move in the rejoicing of the feast of tabernacles. So will I cause My will and My purpose that has been written and spoken by the prophets of old time to be fulfilled. For now is the time of fulfillment.


Now is the season in which, that which I have spoken concerning the Zion church in this land shall be fulfilled saith the Lord.

Rejoice and prepare your heart.


Rejoice, saith the Lord. For you will rejoice, you will rejoice as you see the in-gathering of fruit as you see the fruit of the Spirit blossom in your lives and you will rejoice as you see My vengeance upon the wicked and you will rejoice and you will bring glory unto Me saith the Lord. And you will see that truly I am the Lord that dwells in the midst of thee and I shall be known by the judgment which I will perform and I will be known by the mercy that I will show. For I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will show judgment to whom I will show judgment.


Therefore, thus saith the Lord, prepare your heart, prepare your heart and walk in the way of righteousness. Yes! Be diligent, be diligent, be diligent that you may be found of Me in peace and without spot. Walk in integrity and walk in prayer and walk in fasting and walk in the word and walk in meditation and walk in the things that you have been taught; for now, saith the Spirit, is the time of its fulfilling.



The deliverance of the nation is in the deliverance of the church. And as I move mightily in My church so shall I solve the problems of the nation.


Your intercession and your prayers have not been in vain saith the Spirit, your fasting has not gone unnoticed, saith the Spirit. But I will first move in My church. I will move in judgment and I will move in Glory and I will move in power and that which is done in the church will flow down into the nation and as I change the church and as I remove from the leadership the house of Saul and I replace it with the house of David, the same will happen in the nation and righteousness shall reign in this land and righteousness shall rule in this land to the praise of My Glory.