Continue, For the Hour of My Glory is Upon You

A Prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 23rd August, 2009

Continue in My Word, continue in My worship, continue in the assembling of yourselves together. As they did in the early church, as they continued daily, even so, continue now.


For the hour of My glory is upon you as you gather and as you come together; as you gather and as you assemble unto Me, I will visit, even as I do now, but in greater measures. I will visit that assembling with My glory; the cloud of My glory will be seen again on the earth as it has not been seen for these many years. There will be a restoration of My glory, and you will take that glory home with you. And upon some of you will be seen the glory in the market place, in the office; men will see the glory upon your cars in the traffic, and they will see, and say, These are they that are carriers of God’s glory.


Continue in My Word, continue in prayer, continue in love, continue in worship. Continue! Continue! Continue! Continue! For the glory is right there before, you within your reach, and it will become a blessing: a blessing to you, a blessing to your home, a blessing to the street in which you live, a blessing to your city, a blessing to your nation, a blessing to your continent, a blessing to all the nations of the earth.


For men will come and they will see the glory upon you, and they will learn of me as you are learning of Me. They will learn of My love, they will learn of My Word, they will learn of My glory. For the knowledge of My glory will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, and they will take that which they have learnt unto the uttermost parts of the earth.


Thus saith the Spirit, continue! continue! Continue! Continue! saith the Lord.