Awesomeness of God
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 3rd November, 2004

I have been known as the God of grace: for I have brought My grace to all men by sending My Son into the earth to die for the sins of men, and so My grace that bringeth salvation to all men has appeared through My Son. But in this day of vengeance even in this third day, I will be known as the Awesome God for the awesomeness of My glory, the awesomeness of My wisdom, the awesomeness of My power, the awesomeness of My justice is about to be made bare unto all nations and all flesh shall see it together and even them that have not known Me shall testify and they shall say and they shall confess that I am the awesome God, for they will see My awesomeness even through My sons. They will see My glory, they will see My wisdom, they will see My power, they will see My love, they will see My mercy and they will also see My judgement.


Therefore, My fear shall come upon the earth from the West unto the rising of the sun and from the North unto the South and men shall come and they shall see My glory and they shall fear My name and they shall be afraid to do that which is evil for by the fear of God, men shall depart form evil.


For darkness yea gross darkness doth cover the earth in this hour but that darkness shall be dispelled by My light, by My light that shall shine forth even as My Church arises in glory, as My Church arises in power, as My Church arises in righteousness so shall My light dispel the darkness.


Yes the darkness of sin, the darkness of ignorance, the darkness of hatred, they shall be dispelled and pushed back and My righteousness shall prevail and men shall bow before Me and they shall acknowledge that truly I am the awesome God ‚Äö?Ñ?¨ the holy One of Israel, mighty God of Jacob, the Deliverer of all men.


Yea they shall come and they shall know Me as I truly am, as I manifest My awesomeness through you in this hour.