A Nation Within A Nation

A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on 24th January, 2010

From beyond the rivers of Ethiopia. My worshippers, My intercessors, even now bring Me an offering. Yea! A nation within a nation, strong and mighty, terrible and swift. A nation within a nation.

Yes, saith the Spirit, I speak to thee O Zion, from beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, even you that bring Me the oblation of your hearts, a meal offering and a burnt offering and a peace offering, the fruits of your lips, bringing glory to My heart.

Even now, I say, Rise, O Zion! A nation within a nation. Rise, O Zion! Conquer. Rise, O Zion and rule with the rod of strength in the midst of thy enemies, and let My kingdom come, let My will be done, even now in this land, in this place where the rivers divide, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia.

Rule with strength, rule with might, rule in righteousness and thy right hand shall teach the terrible things and you will rise prosperously. Yes! because of meekness and righteousness and truth, you will prevail.

A nation within a nation! A nation within a nation! Rise, O Zion and rule, for your day has come.