A Call to Worship From the Heart
A prophecy given by Pastor Olubi Johnson on the 30th April, 2006

To worship from the heart; even with love and with adoration, then will I inhabit thy praise, then will I inhabit thy worship. And I will come down in My glory, even in the cloud with the shining and bright light and men shall see it; even the heathen shall see it, for My glory shall be revealed that all the flesh shall see it together.

As you walk in worship, as you walk in unity of love. Yea, as you speak and worship Me with one heart and with one voice then shall My glory invade this temple and that glory shall be seen and its effect shall be held and even felt; even as in the days of old. But the glory of this time shall be greater than that of former, as men enter into the cloud, they will fall down and they will not able to rise until the cloud lifts; even the heathen that come into your midst shall fall and they shall feel My hand heavy upon them and when they rise they will be born again, and when they rise, they will be filled of Holy Ghost, and when they rise, they will speak in tongues and when they rise they will be healed.


So, worship Me in Spirit, worship Me in truth for the hour of My glory is come.